Dreaming of Africa?

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Let Regal African Safaris make your dreams come true with an affordable customized experience that lets you explore the rich tapestry of wildlife, landscapes, and cultures of Tanzania and beyond.

Fully registered as a safari outfitter owned and operated by Tanzanians with a home office in Arusha, we are very passionate about what we do and take pride to serve clients with our best services for incredible African safari experiences. 

No matter what continent you come from, we will help you plan the vacation you’ve always dreamed of, whether you choose one of our commonly requested itineraries or design one of your own.

Maybe you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, sample the spices of Zanzibar, find yourself in the midst of the migration in Serengeti, or snap that perfect wildlife shot around a watering hole in the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater. Whatever your interest, we can craft an itinerary to match the time and budget you have available. Combinations of itineraries and extensions to other East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda can also be customized on request.

We specialize in private safaris and tours for individuals and groups, with a variety of optional activities to add that special touch to your travel – horseback or camel experiences, rafting, hot air balloon rides, educational opportunities, cultural village encounters, etc.

No one can tell the African story better than the natives themselves, so we invite you to explore with Regal African Safaris and discover the magic that happens when wildlife, landscapes, and people come together to weave the timeless tapestry that is Tanzania.

Why Visit Tanzania?

Why Travel With Regal African Safaris?

Regal African Safaris Services

Tanzania Adventure Safaris

tanzania adventure safaris

Are you seeking for a new adventure? Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest stand-alone mountain in the world.

Tanzania Balloon Safaris


Ballooning over the Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks is unbeatably an experience of a life time! This gives our clients an utmost opportunity to view animals in three dimensions

Tanzania Bird Watching Safaris

tanzania bird watching safaris

Tanzania is one of the six countries in the African Great Lakes region in Eastern Africa and the world, with an unbeatably greatest abundance and diversity of birds. Being in the tropics, renders the country a rich mosaic of habitats…

Tanzania Photographic Safaris


Regal African Safaris is an African Safari Company that is photographer friendly. Unlike the conventional African Safaris, our company sets photographic programs in a way to give her clients ample time….

Tanzania Honeymoon Safaris

Tanzania Honeymoon Safaris

One of the most exciting decisions that couples need to make when planning for their wedding is where to go on the honeymoon. Regal African Safaris has an answer for you, simply think of Tanzania….

Tanzania Migration Safaris


The extraordinary annual Great Migration of wildebeest and other grazing herbivores across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem is one of the greatest spectacles in the natural world. This is the largest….

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

tanzania wildlife safaris

Have you always dreamed of seeing wildlife in its natural habitat? Do you desire to have your own moments and an experience of a lifetime? Touring Tanzania’s National Parks and Game Reserves should be…

Zanzibar Beach Holidays

zanzibar beach

Are you looking to relax on the world’s best beaches or have a romantic African Honeymoon? The Islands of Zanzibar offer an ideal choice for your exceptional holiday dreams and experience, Zanzibar….

Tanzania Cultural Tours

tanzania culture safaris

Tanzanian Culture is a delightful mix of influences. With over 120 tribes, Tanzania is one of the most culturally diverse countries in Africa. From the tall graceful Maasai Warriors, to the ancient…

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

tanzania trekking

Are you looking for the best Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing experience? You are in the right place! Regal African Safaris has years of experience helping more than 1000 trekkers to reach the summit

Victoria Falls


Africa’s Victoria Falls is one of the most popular and spectacular attractions in southern Africa, not to mention one of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders.

Gorilla Trekking


Africa is home to many other unique animals such as the endangered Mountain Gorillas. East Africa still boasts multiple families of these rare species.