Tanzania is one of the six countries in the African Great Lakes region in Eastern Africa and the world, with an unbeatably greatest abundance and diversity of birds. Being in the tropics, renders the country a rich mosaic of habitats that attracts a spectacular life of these avian species, both endemic, intra – Africa migrant and the Palaeactic birds. Water bodies, open grasslands, woodlands, forests, swamps and farmlands have all proved to be the hotspots for bird – watching. One needs not being an Ornithologist or a Superlister to enjoy birding in Tanzania as most birds here are strikingly attractive to pull the attention of your eyes off a Lion and they come as a surprise! Their colors, species types, sizes, calls, social – organizations, distribution and roles they play in relatively so large ecosystems are all just amazing to spend a minute or two, watching this wonderful sphere of natural world’s animal kingdom! No wonder most clients who come to Tanzania without any serious interest in birds soon find themselves hooked and eager to know the names of the many brilliantly colored birds perching or flying around, from the Lilac – breasted Roller to the Ostriches.

Every place we take our clients, there are always encounters of some of the most beautiful birds in the world. To add beauty to a magnificent experience in Tanzania, Regal African Safaris ensures a company of Birder – Guides for your safari with us. All the itineraries set for our clients can accommodate birding and that for ‘Bird – Lovers’ is designed for more ardent Birders.

Certainly in watered areas you are likely to spot some of our waterfowls, Flamingos, Geese, Jacanas, Darters, Cormorants, Storks, Ducks, Herons, Pelicans, Plovers, Hammerkops, iridescent Kingfishers, et cetera.

Open grasslands also offer excellent birding opportunities, opportunities to see most of the world’s largest birds such as the Ostriches, Secretary birds, Ground hornbills, Bustards, Eagles, Vultures and many more. Woodpeckers, Hoopoes, Drongos, Spur fowls, Weavers, Shrikes, Barbets, Guinea fowls, Francolins, Cuckoos, Bee eaters and others will always welcome you in the woodlands. Some other bird species can of course be spotted in more than one habitat type, overlapping their ranges. Turacos and some Sunbirds are some of the most beautifully birds to be seen on forested highland areas.

Short safaris, say two to three days in our parks, will still provide an excellent count of bird species for any serious birders, and the longer the better introduction of a larger diversity. Most parks are homes of more than 300 bird species and it is your opportunity to come up with those species yet to be added in their checklists! Regal African Safaris offers personalized budget Bird Watching Safaris in Tanzania, perfectly designed to meet the needs of all birders. We organize custom affordable Bird Watching tours packages in Tanzania so that you can enjoy greatest abundance and diversity of birds.

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