Saadani National Park was only gazette in 2003 and is the only park in Tanzania with ocean frontage. The park itself is unique to the rest of East Africa, combining a variety of ecosystems including bush, beach and river. Some of the animals do come down to the beach and you can occasionally see some in the surf.

The park has plentiful game including Giraffe, Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Reedbuck, Greater Kudu, Red Duiker, Warthog, Buffalos, Hippos and Crocodiles. It is also possible but harder to see lion, leopard and sable Antelope, Bottle nose Dolphin are common off the coast of the park while Whales pass through the Zanzibar channel in October and November.

Game drives in the park are rewarding as are boat-safaris along the Wami River, at the river estuary and the salt pans are filled with flamingos and the river is a birder’s paradise.

To the north of the park is a green-turtle breeding beach, the area which is currently supported by the lodges in the park.

All our guests who visit Saadani find it a special and unique place and are a good alternative to end a safari here rather than on a typical beach holiday.

Saadani village is one of the oldest communities on the African coast with the Kaole Ruins and the hub of the slave trade in East Africa, the historic Bagamoyo, nearby.