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Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest stand-alone mountain in the world boasting a height of 19,341 feet/5,895meters high, above sea level. Chagga people called it ‘Kilema Kyaro’, to mean that which cannot be conquered or which makes a journey impossible. Today, it is the dream of thousands of safari enthusiasts and adventurers to conquer it to the summit and stand on top of the roof of Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is best of the best of all the African hikes! This is a life – rewarding experience that takes you from the Tropics to the Arctic! Kilimanjaro is a snow-capped mountain in the Tropics, 330km/205mi south of the Equator.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro can be very easy or extremely tough, depending on your way of life. If you are new to hiking or trekking in high altitudes, this could be a challenge. If hiking and outdoor activities are your types of things you always do, then this could be an average challenge. In order to reach the summit, you need to be at your best level of fitness. This mountain, however, doesn’t need any technical ascending skills to reach its peak, the reason which makes it one of the top destinations for mountaineers and trekkers from different parts of the world. It is a special and great feeling once you manage to conquer this mountain to the summit.

For more detailed and useful information on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you are welcome to visit our page: A Complete Guide to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. These tips will definitely help you plan for a successful and exciting adventure on Mount Kilimanjaro and if you have more questions on this, we will be more than happy to respond. For a more intrepid traveler, Mount Kilimanjaro should be on your “bucket list of adventures” and a highlight of a safari itinerary.

UNESCO declared it as a world natural heritage site in 1987. Kilimanjaro Climbing is not the only one that this great country offers for trekking.

Tanzania is one of the most popular hiking and climbing destinations in Africa, there are many more interesting trekking trails that offer our clients a journey of adventure and discovery. What a better way to experience Africa on foot!

Mount Meru is the second-highest mountain in Tanzania standing impressively at 15091ft/4’600meters above sea level and prides as a topographic focal point of Arusha National Park. Its geology has supported distinctive vegetation strata that arise from savannah grassland to montane forest on the high grounds and give your adventurous hike on the mountain the most scenic views of the places around including the view of Mount Kilimanjaro. Its spectacular wildlife during the hike makes Mount Meru Climbing worthwhile!

Depending on where you are in Tanzania, the country offers incredible trekking experiences in her mountains. Hiking across the Ngorongoro Highlands provides another thrilling experience of a safari adventure! This will allow you to authentically share your life with the traditional Maasai during the hike and spot wild animals in the course. Ngorongoro is a magnet of adventures that can be enjoyed during your stay! Many people know of the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater, however, the Ngorongoro Highlands has two other craters, Empakaai and Olmoti Craters – these are as fascinating as the bowl-like Ngorongoro Crater. The spectacular Empakaai and Olmoti Craters are there to also give you treasured memories while the challenging ascent to the Crater of Oldonyo Lengai Mountain will reward you with fantastic scenery and an exceptionally beautiful panoramic view of the Great East African Rift Valley and Lake Natron! Oldonyo Lengai is the fifth highest mountain in Tanzania with an altitude of 3’188m/12080ft above sea level and to the Maasai people inhabiting its foothills, they call this mountain “The Mountain of God” – It is one of the sacred places of the Maasai people.

Walking through the African bush is a wonderful way to experience Africa intimately. Smells and sounds become patent and varied, and smaller creatures gain significance. When larger animals show up, they are met at eye level. This is another best way to enjoy Africa in style and all wildlife areas in Tanzania have this in place to diversify the tourist experience. All the walks are accompanied by an armed experienced guide and game rangers to maximize safety on your adventures in our parks.

Imagine waking up one morning in Africa and find yourself flying over the spectacular sceneries and enjoying seeing herds of wild animals from the sky, on a pristine land! We bring you the Hot Air Balloon Safari to give you another sense of adventure on safari while celebrating the epic sunrises of Africa with your families and friends!

Other avenues of adventure safari experience in Tanzania are such as horse – riding, biking, kayaking, paragliding, and microlight – flying, treetop canopying, donkey – riding, golfing, kitesurfing, rafting, fishing, dhow cruises, diving, and snorkeling.

Accompanying hunters and gatherers, the Hadza people when they go out hunting or collecting roots, fruits, tubers and other food materials from the wilderness is a very exhilarating experience that one should not miss! Hadza ethnic group is a similar tribe of people like those portrayed in the famous comedy film of 1980, known as “The Gods Must Be Crazy

For an incredible Tanzania Adventure Safaris, our African Safari Specialists will assist you to carve the best itinerary that suits your dreams. You can combine any of these adventures with other types of safaris from our list of services for a grand African Safari experience!

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