Have you always dreamed of seeing wildlife in its natural habitat? Do you desire to have your own moments and an experience of a lifetime? Touring Tanzania’s National Parks and Game Reserves should be a MUST SEE! Africa offers such a diverse range of holidays and safaris! Tanzania offers the finest and unique safari experiences and wildlife spectacles found nowhere on the planet.

With approximately 40% of its landmass designated for wildlife conservation, great and unique natural features, friendly and hospitable people, and a superb climate, all make Tanzania one of the most celebrated wildlife safari destinations in the world with several safari options and excellent tourist packages that embody all the attractions in Africa. And if one wants to draft a list of the Top Ten Natural Wonders of the whole World of Africa, then Tanzania would have three of the Top Five….,Serengeti, Kilimanjaro & Ngorongoro. No doubt many wildlife enthusiasts, adventurers et cetera, travel to Tanzania every year to explore the country’s unparalleled and amazing biodiversity for an unforgettable life – time experience in a part of the world like no other.

Of course, Tanzania Wildlife Safari will incorporate in your itinerary the experience of the Africa Big Five, The Big Five Safari! Never miss the Authentic Tanzania Safari Holidays in your bucket list, with great people on your African Safaris and Holidays. Regal African Safaris looks forward to share her passion, love and experience with you on your visit to East Africa!

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