What to Pack for Tanzania Safari? A Complete Packing List


Knowing what to pack for Tanzania Safari is an important step before you embark on your amazing African Adventure. Your safari interests, the people you are going to interact with and the weather can determine your Tanzania Safari Packing List. Tanzania is an amazing country with all kinds of activities. If you are going for a safari, you should consider some simple items and clothes to wear as you will be spending most of your time in the park. If you are going for both safari as well as interacting with people, etiquette wears should be considered. Sometimes, personal interests are what may decide what items you may wish to pack, and this may lead to an overpack for most of the travelers. Overpacking is something that you should avoid especially if you want to save your wallet. Most international flights have a high allowance limit of luggage, but this can be limited to local flight and safari vehicles. For most travelers, Tanzania Safari is once in a lifetime experience. So whenever you pack, consider the most important items and leave behind things that may ruin your experience.

What to Pack for Tanzania Safari?

Before looking into the list, let us take a look at what you should consider. We just want you to be familiar with some aspects of how people wear in Tanzania, weather in Tanzania and your safari experience.

Wearing in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world with over 120 tribes. This makes the Tanzanian community have a very strong belief in what they eat, what they talk about, and what they wear. Considering appropriate wear is a “must-do” so as to avoid isolation in public places. If your trip will involve fewer interactions with people like spending more time on your safari vehicle, you can keep your wearing style. Consider wearing an appropriate cloth that do not expose your body if you will be interacting with many locals. Long trousers or knee-length shorts can make you comfortable in public places like local markets, bus stations, streets, and other places. Do you want to know what happens if you will be wearing shorts in public places like local markets? Local people are very sensitive to inappropriate wearing, especially shorts. Keep in mind that you will be comfortable with shorts on the beaches, lodges or hotels, and other tourist places. Knowing what to pack for the Tanzania safari sometimes can be an easy step if you can ask your host or your ground tour operator.

Weather Conditions

Tanzania has almost four weather conditions in a year. Ask your host or tour company about weather conditions that you may expect on your arrival. This is because Tanzania has different zones representing very cold weather conditions, and moderate and very hot regions. Knowing weather conditions on your arrival can be the best guide on deciding What to Pack for Tanzania Safari.

Type of Your Safari

Know what you are wishing to experience on your safari. This is very important, especially for adventure lovers and photographers. Your packing list would largely rely on the type of experience. Packing for a honeymoon experience can be different from packing for a photographic safari. You can’t bring binoculars to go with you for only a beach holiday vacation. Although we have provided a list of the best items below, some items can rely on your preference.

Tanzania Safari Packing Lists

After getting an overview of some of the key factors to consider on What to Pack for Tanzania Safari, below is our list on what to pack for safari:


These are the basic clothing ideas that you should consider in your luggage. Selecting the number of each item will depend on how many days you are going to spend on your trip. Your clothing list should include the following:
  • Pants
  • T-shirts
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Cargo pants
  • Short trousers
  • Sweatshirts or fleece jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Safari hats (with ching belt)
  • Swimsuit (if your lodge has a swimming pool)
  • Raincoat (for rainy season)
  • Safari Shoes or waterproof shoes if your trip is in the rain season
  • Sandals (sandals can be an alternative to walking in cities or at your accommodation)
  • Safari vest
  • Socks (we recommend 1 pair for each day)
  • Underwear (at least 7 pairs)
  • Warm flannel pajamas (to keep you comfortable at night in the highlands)
  • 1 Warm scarf

Addition to Women

  • 2-4 Sports bras (to make you comfortable especially on rough roads)


Surprised? Yes, we mean toiletries! This is very helpful especially if you are new to Tanzania. Don’t expect to buy anything during your arrival. Things might be in a rush in some cases so important personal items like toiletries should be packed in advance.  Most of these items can be found in most shopping centers in Tanzania but we just want you to be ready in case of any emergencies depending on your itinerary. This is important if your safari program starts with a direct transfer from the airport of your arrival to your accommodation which is far from the city. Let us see the list now:
  • Lip balm
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush (and toothpaste)
  • Razor
  • Makeup
  • Soap or shampoo
  • Moisturizer
  • Lotion
  • Hairbrush and hair ties
  • Solid perfume
  • Hand sanitizer
You can also add any toiletries which you think can make you comfortable, but just consider to pack in travel size. In most camps, lodges, and hotels they supply soap, shampoo, and conditioner but sometimes personal preference matters!


As you will be expecting the best and an amazing lifetime experience, some of the important accessories should be considered. These might be useful as they will provide you daily life support especially when in the parks. The most important items include:
  • Camera
  • Smartphone
  • Converter plug (for British-type sockets)
  • Chargers, cords, and batteries
Are you interested in getting a good picture or you are in photographic safari? Consider a good DSLR camera or the like, packed with its accessories like lenses and memory cards. Tanzania is really amazing, make sure you take many pictures as possible especially if you have not planned to return.

Extra Items

These might be things of your interests and not listed on our list. You are free to bring your favorite items. Bringing something like your favorite book can be very enjoyable as you may need to read it in your leisure time. If you are still not sure what to take or not, just consult your safari organizer to get a one to one advice based on your safari program.  
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