Welcome to discover and explore the splendors of Tanzania with Regal African Safaris. As a locally based company, we have so much to offer you in Tanzania, from the sheer beauty of the land to the cultural diversity and many more in Tanzania. Our company always thrives to work out the perfect itineraries that are customized to suit your taste, aspirations, and dreams of an African safari and holiday.

We have put together different Tanzania safari itineraries to give highlight of various safari programs for you to start creating with us the unique and most rewarding journeys in this beautiful country. A Tanzania safari with us will surely be a life-changing experience and a journey for another safari back to Africa.

It is our pride to offer quality and affordable African safaris that will give you the real sense of Africa and create authentic memories that will last forever. We are passionate to share our love of this wonderful world’s hidden treasures to embrace memories of a lifetime for you and your lovely friends!

The below itineraries are sample itineraries that you can choose from for your holiday in Africa. Depending on your time, pace, budget, and dreams, we can as well create a more customized itinerary for you. Just drop us an email and we will do the rest for you. We will tailor a safari to your liking and satisfaction and turn its miles into smiles.