Is Tanzania Free from Ebola? An Official Word on Tanzania Tourism


Travel is a great way to see the world and see new things. Planning a trip to Tanzania will be fun as you plan your travel for the year. You will have a variety of things to consider and safety should be a big part of that. Tanzania tourism authorities have announced that Ebola is no longer a threat. Keep reading to get official information about safe travels in Tanzania.

“No Ebola” Says Tanzania Tourism Officials

Officials at the World Health Organization (WHO) report no cases of Ebola in Tanzania. There have been many misconceptions that have scared tourists from visiting Africa. Tanzania officials report that there have never been any cases of Ebola in the country. Travelers are safe to visit without any worries about contracting Ebola. The countries affected by the Ebola outbreak are in the western parts of Africa. Tanzania is part of the eastern parts of the continents. Avoiding travels to Tanzania simply because of misconceptions of Ebola is just not right! Tourism is important to the country of Tanzania. Officials report that the safety of visitors is of huge importance to them. Travelers should consider a trip to Tanzania a safe destination option.

What is Ebola?

Ebola is a serious virus that causes devastating effects on how your blood clots. It can cause internal bleeding, soft tissue damages, and even death. The outbreak of Ebola has caused a lot of concerns among travelers.

Ebola Misconceptions

Since the Ebola outbreak started there have been a lot of deaths related to the virus. With the number of deaths, there is an understandable fear growing. The problem with fear is that it spreads very fast. The fear has caused a lot of false information and misconceptions to circulate.

Every Country in Africa is Affected

The biggest misconception is that Ebola affects all parts of Africa. This is not true at all. Ebola outbreaks are only in three countries in Africa. Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia are the only three countries with reported cases. These three countries are in West Africa only. Tanzania is not anywhere close to these countries, it is in the other half of the large continent. Distance wise, Tanzania is almost 6’289kms from West Africa.

Ebola Isn’t Real

There are a lot of myths but one of the most dangerous is that Ebola isn’t real. Ebola is a very real disease that has very serious side effects. Ignoring disorder could lead to safety issues. If you are traveling, you should always consider smart and safety strategies to stay safe. There are myths that Ebola is a political scam. That the government is behind the outbreak and causing people to get ill. These are all misconceptions. Many fear-driven myths have kept people from traveling to Africa. Unbelievable stories of injecting children, harvesting organs, and controlling populations are circulating. Officials report that these false allegations have led to a decrease in tourism. Tourism is a large part of the economy, so the decrease is stressing the countries economics.

You Can Treat Ebola at Home

Ebola is a very serious disease that can lead to death if not treated. If you have any symptoms of Ebola, you must have treatment as soon as possible. The myth that treatment at home is safe has led to an increase in deaths. If you have any reason to believe you might have Ebola, then seeking treatment is vital. Fast treatment for Ebola is the only way to save your life. There are no home remedies that can treat Ebola at home.

Ebola is a Death Sentence

Ebola has led to a lot of deaths since it’s outbreak. This has caused there to be a lot of myths about the outcome if you contract it. As the outbreak continues more and more treatments are being tested. As treatment improves the death rates continue to drop. If you have contracted Ebola that does not mean you will die from it. You will need to seek appropriate care and follow recommendations to recover. With proper care, Ebola does not have to be deadly.

Tips to Avoid Ebola While Traveling

Fear of Ebola should not prevent you from traveling to non-effected areas. The risk of contracting the disease in a non-effected area is very low. There are a couple of other things you can do to feel safer while traveling.


There is an Ebola vaccination. You can get the vaccination before you travel to ensure that you do not contract the disease. It’s a great safety precaution if you will be traveling and have a concern. The vaccine is affordable and an easy way to get peace of mind.

Avoid Certain Animals

If you will be traveling avoid animals like bats, monkeys, chimpanzees, and gorillas. These are the animals that have proved to spread Ebola to humans. If you avoid contact with them, you can reduce any risk of contraction.

Do Some Research

If you are planning a trip and have concerns, do some research. Do not assume the country has an outbreak. As I mentioned, Tanzania has never had an outbreak, yet people avoid it. Check the country you are visiting and seek information on Ebola cases there.

Travel with Confidence

If you have plans to travel to Tanzania, then travel with confidence. There are no Ebola risks in the country and no need to cancel travel plans. Tanzania tourism officials have assured travelers that visiting the country is safe. Enjoy your trip to Tanzania and have no fear of Ebola. Looking to plan your perfect trip? Contact us today for all the information you need to make your next vacation one to remember.
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