Are you looking to relax on the world’s best beaches or have a romantic African Honeymoon? The Islands of Zanzibar offer an ideal choice for your exceptional holiday dreams and experience, Zanzibar Beach Holidays!

The lure of the Spice Islands is legendary. The Magic of an African Safari in the parks is not all this great country can offer. Tropical beaches, Coral Gardens and the Swahili Culture along the Indian Ocean Coast are also a main attraction for visitors who want to spice up their experience of the African Safari with some well – earned relaxation, Zanzibar – style. The name Zanzibar evokes images of a place where reality and fantasy are one.

Think of Zanzibar and images of romantic dhows with curved white sails, veiled women of mystery, ancient ruins and exotic spices floating before your eyes. It also has romantic, colorful history of seafarers and explorers, of riches and tragedy, and of the dark stain of slavery. The beaches are brilliantly white that makes Zanzibar a paradise of its own and the Jewel of the Indian Ocean.

There are more than 25 fantastic beaches in Zanzibar. The archipelago Zanzibar is surely another complete pace of experience and fascination! Tours of Zanzibar Islands with Regal African Safaris are surely another rewarding experience with best cultural sights and natural beauty on your itinerary!

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