Best Places to Stay to Witness the Great Migration


Just like choosing a reputable tour operator, picking where to stay is one of the most important decision to make when you are planning your Great Migration Safari. And there are many accommodation facilities set in prime locations near the migratory routes. The accommodations can be found within the Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve. For those who prefer to stay in the private concessions, there are many safari camps located in the private game reserves within the wider Serengeti–Mara Ecosystem.

Accommodations options available during the great migration safaris can be broadly classified into three. They include; Safari Lodges/Hotels, Permanent Luxury Tented Camps and Mobile Luxury Tented Camps.

Safari Lodges

These are permanent structures that offer spacious and stylish accommodation. They range from high–end luxurious camps to mid-range lodges. Lodges offer a wide range of amenities, including swimming pool, bars, spas and fitness center. Generally, safari lodges accommodate a higher number of guests. There are both permanent camps which are open all year round and seasonal lodges that operate during the peak season only.

Permanent Luxury Tented Camps

These are intimate accommodations which are centered towards providing guests with a remote wilderness experience. Generally, Permanent Luxury Tented Camps are smaller than Safari Lodges. They also tend to be more rustic in their design and some are eco-friendly. Tented Camps are equipped with modern amenities.

 Mobile Luxury Tented Camps

As the name suggests, Mobile Luxury Tented Camps are tented camps that are set up in different areas depending on the time of the year and the wildebeest migratory pattern. They are usually set along the migratory routes, giving guests a chance to witness the great migration. If your goal is to witness different stages of migration, mobile camps are a perfect option. This type of tented camps also entails tents equipped with amenities of self – contained rooms with all the comfort one may need on a mobile safari arrangement.

Most mobile camps move between 2-3 locations, i.e. Southern Serengeti, Central Serengeti and Northern Serengeti. Depending on the migration pattern, mobile camps can stay in one location for about 3-4 months before moving to the next location.

Depending on the time of the year, these are some of the best places to stay in to watch the great wildebeest migration in different locations.


During the migration safari the location of Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem you stay at will hugely be influenced by the time of the year you plan on visiting. Regardless of the choice of accommodations you choose to stay in, you will enjoy watching the massive herds making their way across the plains. In addition, to watching the migration staying in these safari lodges will give you an authentic African safari experience. Given that the accommodations are located along the migratory routes, there will be endless opportunities to watch many more animals, including the big five, and other predatory animals, as well as the diversity of birds, plants, et cetera.

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